About Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo Ministries is a faith based ministry located in Reynosa, Tamalupas Mexico, directly across the border from McAllen, Texas. Rio Bravo Ministries encompasses Casa Hogar Rio Bravo (Rio Bravo Children’s Home), Colegio Puente de Esperanza (Hope Christian School) and The Blue School.

Children's Home

Rio Bravo Children's Home is beacon of hope for abused and abandoned children in Mexico’s northern border towns.  The children's home consists of four family-style homes on one campus - two boys' homes and two girls' homes. Each home has 12-20 children and are led by a christian couple who live in the home 24/7.


Colegio Puente de Esperanza (Hope Christian School)

• 450 students

• Elementary K-6

• Junior High 7-9

• High School 10-12

Escuela Azul (Blue School)

• 120 students

• Elementary K-6

• Junior High 7-9

There are two school locations: one on campus with the Children’s home, and one nearby in the neighborhood.

Visit Rio Bravo's website or Facebook to learn more about what they're doing to serve the children of Reynosa, or click below to register for the upcoming golf tournament!